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Why Your Family Deserves Art In Your Home

Photos Are Meant to Live Out Loud

Did you know a recent study actually showed that having photos in your home of your family actually led to an increased sense of belonging and stronger bonds within the family? How powerful is that?!? Not only are your photos gorgeous and adding love to every room they’re also helping everyone in your family feel loved, included and a strong sense of belonging too. I may just be a psychology nerd but I thought that was really cool and something I had never considered before! But it makes total sense! I mean how special do you feel when you walk into your friend’s and family’s homes and see your Christmas card or birth announcement hanging on the fridge! Besides if all your photos are trapped on devices and social media platforms that means you’re probably only seeing them when they pop up in your ‘memories’ and how sad is that? Your photos deserve to be enjoyed daily and live out loud in your home!

Capture Memories

Photographs are the closest we’ve come to time travel, so I say you can NEVER have too many photos! Your session should be fun and true to you! Full of the love and laughter you have for each other. Displaying the millionth round of airplane or those tiny little fingers wrapped around yours is sure to bring you back to that moment; and who doesn’t love sitting up after the kids are in bed looking at the photos of when they were smaller and trying to keep your sniffles from waking them as you cry about how fast they’re growing? No? Just me? Awkardddd. (it’s okay I know you’re lying😉)

Personalizes Your Space

Hanging family photos on your walls can personalize your space and make it feel like home. It’s always the final touch that adds warmth and character to a room and my favorite part of decorating a space, it just makes it feel finished!

Creates a Focal Point

A collection of family photos displayed together can create a beautiful focal point in any room. It can draw the eye and create a sense of visual interest, and seriously what is more interesting than pudgy little hands hanging onto you, those newborn little feet and the laughter captured in your images?

Celebrates Family

Displaying family photos as wall art is a way to celebrate and honor the people you love most. It can be a reminder of the importance of family and the love and connection you share. (and thanks to that handy dandy study we know it actually has long term effects of helping your littles feel loved and connected even after they’re out in the world making their mark!)

Reflects Your Style

By selecting the right frames, mats, and arrangements, you can create a display that reflects your personal style and aesthetic. This can make your wall art both meaningful and visually appealing. There are so many options out there to make your art fit right into the heart of your home! We choose the style that matches the decor and vibe of your home!

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