Why You Need An In Home Newborn Session In NE Ohio

Why In Home Newborn Session

An In Home Session means less time prepping, you already made and birthed a whole human, those first few weeks at home, heck the first YEAR is all about sleep deprivation, survival and soaking it all up while also feeling like you’re doing it all wrong. (Trust me Mama, you’re not. YOU are exactly what that baby needs and you’re both figuring it all out together. )

Being at home means all the things that tiny human needs are right there, when something is uncomfortable, spit up on or the victim of a blowout everything you need to feel comfortable is just a few steps away. It also means that we capture real life, the home you brought your baby to as they joined your family. The place you rocked them into the wee hours of the morning, the kitchen you sleepily perfected your balance of caffeine, hydration and one handed snackage. The place they’ll take their first steps. The place they’ll spit take their first food. The place they’ll babble along in their high chair while you make dinner or do the dishes. Your home is the backdrop for this epic, exhausting, amazing first year, it is the most authentic way to capture your love for the newborn baby who has stolen your heart and has you wrapped around their little finger.


There’s no denying Ohio winter weather can be unpredictable, I grew up in Florida where the joke was don’t make outdoor plans at 230 because it will be raining and anything during hurricane season had a 50/50 chance of being rescheduled. But does Ohio take the cake on all four seasons in a week, sometimes it feels like in a days time! Unpredictable Ohio weather can make planning sessions a little challenging when you also have to account for comfort of newborns or young children in such extreme temperatures! I’m all about adventures and getting the memory where it fits your family so if that’s on the snowiest day of winter and y’all want to go sledding or have a snowball fight awesome! but that doesn’t quite work for newborns and that’s why in home sessions are the perfect fit! Baby gets to be cozy and warm, there is less stimulation for them in the quiet of their home and YOU are comfortable having less unfamiliar things happening around your new baby.


It’s no secret babies have a lot of stuff, especially in those early days where you’re trying to learn their personality, likes and dislikes and feel like you need every gadget and baby device you’ve ever seen PLUS your own bag of postpartum supplies getting to the grocery store can be an exhausting an event and the last thing you want to do is all of that AND have to look nice. In home newborn sessions mean no travel time, no packing things up hoping you have enough outfits, diapers and the carrier they like. It means everything you need is right there and the only thing you’ve got to worry about is finding clothes for the day that you feel good in, and you don’t have to worry about that cause I bring the wardrobe to your session and even show up early so you can take a minute to feel your best!


Home is where older siblings are most comfortable and a newly postpartum Mama can continue to heal from the person she just grew with all the fourth trimester things with in reach! Siblings are happily able to run off and grab their favorite book to read to new baby, they really like showing of their stuff to me which helps us become fast friends and it allows them to swell with pride when they say “this is my baby do you want to meet them?” It allows everyone to not only be physically comfortable thanks to the climate control of your home but also settled because they’re surrounded by their familiar space.


There’s nothing more authentic than capturing your love for that brand new baby than capturing you loving on and caring for that baby in the house you brought them home to, the place where you’ll wear out the floor during witching hour with your pacing, find yourself staring at them while they sleep, the place where you’ll debate if that was a real smile or just gas and the place where you’ll watch all their firsts and lasts happen.

Your home is the backdrop for this epic, exhausting, amazing thing called life with kids, it is the most authentic way to capture your love for the newborn baby who has stolen your heart and has you wrapped around their little finger-so the question then becomes why not at home?

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