they grow up all too fast!

capture this exciting chapter of waiting to meet your newest love

Pregnancy seems to last forever when you’re in it, but you look back and it’s passed by in a flash. Whether this is your first born or your fifth I know you’re already feeling that as you’re finding yourself one day closer to meeting your newest little love! Don’t let this chapter close without capturing this amazing, beautiful thing you and your body are doing, and your last set of family photos before you’re kissing squishy cheeks and soaking up that newborn smell.

Mama to Be and Daddy to Be rest their hands on Mamas pregnant belly excitedly awaiting their new baby during a late summer maternity session with Brittney Emerson Photography at Firestone Park

it’s not just about taking photos, it’s about building memories

We work together from the very beginning to make sure your portraits are at just the right location and you’re feeling fabulous! I take limited sessions to ensure I can give you the most hands on planning experience that really takes the stress out of maternity photos and allows you to focus on the fun and enjoy the photos in your home for years to come!

Big Sister Snuggles Little Sister in a field at Sunset in Hartville during a Maternity session with Brittney Emerson Photography

laugh, play games, be silly and just be yourselves

We make sure to get those iconic bump shots while simultaneously making sure you’re having fun with your hubby and littles, after all this will be the last set of family photos where your family looks like this and you deserve to soak up every minute of it and celebrate this amazing thing you and your body are doing.

So whether you need a personal hype girl to tell you what a freaking rockstar you are, and extra memorable day with hubs or to create a mini time capsule- I’m your girl and I’ve got you Mama.

Mama and young daughter make faces at each other in the light of a window during the winter in home family session with Brittney Emerson Photography


Photography is the closest we’ve come to time travel. It allows us to relive our memories in every beautiful detail. Imagine yourself 7-10 years from now sitting in your living room, flipping through your family’s photo album, smiling and getting teary eyed while reminiscing on all the beautiful memories made with your kids- the excitement waiting on their arrival, those snugly newborn days, their pudgy little hands, never ending energy and unbinding curiosity about the world. 
Those memories are priceless.

Father in soft black t-shirt holds up a giggling two year old sun in rust overalls during a maternity session with Brittney Emerson Photography

Most Hubbies and Littles just aren’t interested in posing for photographs! But that’s okay because a lifestyle approach means we’re getting those real moments that capture the love in your family and life as it looks right now! Just call it a mini-time capsule!

little girl in a blue dress collects dandelions in a field at Rocky River during a Family Photo Session with Brittney Emerson Photography

It’s okay when your littles want to wonder off to bug hunt or look for flowers! and if Hubs would rather play airplane than look at the camera, that’s perfect! (you’ll want that light in his eyes as he’s smiling at your littles anyways!)

Mama laughs forehead to forehead with big sister resting on her baby bump during a secret garden Maternity Session at Qual Hollow in Hartville with Brittney Emerson Photography

Don’t worry you’ll still get to see those smiling faces and bright eyes! It just happens in the moment with movement and with less of the awkward “what do I do with my hands?” mannequin impersonations.

maternity session

Maternity sessions are best scheduled anytime between 28-34 weeks to be sure you’re feeling great and can show of your bump! But it’s okay if you’ve decided after 34 weeks that you want maternity portraits! As long as you’re not in labor it’s not too late!

a session includes

  • personalized wardrobe assistance
  • access to client closet & styling items for your session
  • concierge planning that allows for stress free, snuggle filled session
  • private gallery and ordering walk through to guide you in finding the perfect images and artwork for your family
  • save 20% when you book maternity + newborn sessions at the same time
  • optional add on to capture baby’s first year with a BEP Membership- inquire for details!

investments start at $500

Mama cradles her pregnant belly as the sun goes down in the field behind her during a late summer maternity session with Brittney Emerson Photography of Akron, Ohio

How it works

Fill out the quick contact form on the contact page. Include your preferences in terms of session type (style, location, etc.) and estimated arrival of your baby. I’ll be in touch within 24 hours with information based on what you shared so your experience is tailored to exactly what you need!

Then we’ll choose a date, location and time you will get a personal booking link to pay your retainer and sign your contract!

Woo! You’re officially be on my calendar!

We work together via phone or email (whichever fits your life better!) to fill out a questionnaire to help me get to know your family- what your littles like and dislike, who will need some extra help coming out of their shell, who is going to be the one leading the dance party and even which wall you want to hang your beautiful artwork on!

Using all that info I create your session wardrobe which you’ll approve from a and that’s left for you to do is show up with well rested littles with full bellies and we’ll laugh, play and dance our way to your favorite photos!

At the beginning of your session we’ll say our hellos, I’ll hand over your wardrobe that we pre-planned so you can get changed then we’ll do a once over to make sure we’ve gotten all hair ties off wrists and pockets emptied. We’ll break the ice with some chit chat and ‘grandma shots’, you know the ones where everyone groups together and looks at me with their camera smiles, once everyone is comfortable and those camera smiles are out of your system we’ll use prompts and games to enhance the natural rhythm of your family. You should feel like you’re having fun hanging out with a friend who thinks you’re the best thing since sliced bread, ’cause you are.

You’ll get your images in an online viewing gallery delivered 3 weeks after our session.

This is where you’ll review your finished images, heart your favorites, decide which ones you just have to have whether it’s prints, digitals or albums and choose the package that makes that happen!

I want to be part of the VIP List with exclusive access to first dibs on sessions, your calendar and all the latest info to help me have the best session!

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I’m looking for kindness, support and community for this journey called Motherhood!

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