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Specialty Sessions for Capturing Traditions: Available Oct – Jan

do you have those memories from childhood that are tangible? the kind that a smell takes you back to the moment but over time you’ve forgotten the details of what cookie you were making or the layout of the room or even worse how old you were in those memories? don’t let that be your kid’s problem too.

These specialty sessions are an idea born of an all to common problem, never having enough photos! Our generation doesn’t have enough photos of their childhood and our children don’t have enough photos WITH their family unless it was done with a forward facing camera, and let’s be honest are they really going to be able to tell one from the other when they’re all the same grainy closeups with minimal context clues and lack of life in the photo?

how many times have you missed pictures, taken so many pictures you missed the moment or scrolled through the ones you took and wondered if you were even there? Leaning into the lifestyle documentary style photography let’s capture a family tradition in the comfort of your home!

We all have traditions that the smells take us right back to trimming the tree, baking the cookies and the excitement of the season to come- this year get the photos to match! this documentary style session ensures you’re in the photos AND the moment!

think you don’t have a “photoworthy” tradition? I bet you do!

  • Canning this Year’s Extras from the Garden or Market
  • Jam or Apply Butter Making
  • Garland Making
  • Pie or Cookie Making
  • Choosing and Decorating Your Tree
  • Decorating Your Home (inside and out!)
  • Gingerbread House Contests
  • Homemade Gift Making
  • Polar Express Movie Night
  • any tradition you look forward to every year! if it’s something that it “doesn’t feel like the holidays without” then it’s worth remembering!

to be able to provide a hands on experience for my families, I take limited bookings and my calendar fills up quickly! inquire today!

I want to be part of the VIP List with exclusive access to first dibs on sessions, your calendar and all the latest info to help me have the best session!

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I’m looking for kindness, support and community for this journey called Motherhood!

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